July 18, Reading 1 – Judges 11:29-12:15


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SAA Notes

The tragic story of Jephthah’s daughter is not one of human sacrifice. Jephthah’s daughter weeps not because she will die, but because she will now never marry. She is dedicated to the Lord and presumably serves Him at the Tabernacle with the other women who served at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting! Exodus 38:8. Jephthah’s line will die out! This is a great catastrophe – one that we moderns miss, because we don’t think it is!

SJA Notes

Fallen humanity as we are. This is what Judges shows us, clear truths and hard words.

One interesting aspect that we come across in Judges are the number of children people are having.

From one perspective, this is due to the allowance of multiple wives, which is not what God laid out for marriage.

But too, as we know God works good through our bad, we can see this as a fulfilling of the “go forth and multiply” – Filling the land with God’s people.

God so often works His blessings through our brokenness. Here we have these broken men, called by God to lead, and they have an abundance of children.

Thirty sons. Thirty daughters. Forty sons.

These are big numbers. It is a lot of people.

However – A lot of Israel was also dying. Wars. Defeats at the hands of enemies. Even in this passage forty thousand Ephraimites are killed.

Oh to see the glory of God’s face! To dwell with Him in the new heavens and new earth!

* Lord God,

Judges can be a hard book to work through Lord, please show us today what it is You want us to know.

Your word is wholly true, there is nothing else like it – Please write it on our hearts today Lord God.

Please help us to magnify You, and lessen ourselves. To lift You up, and push ourselves down.

That we might reflect You on this earth, seeking the good of others, seeking the lost, telling people about Jesus.


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