June 30, Reading 2 – Isaiah 9:8-10:4


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SAA Notes

Wickedness provides its own fire! Injustice produces thorns and thistles as its crop. It is the litter of injustice and wickedness that provides fuel for a coming judgment. Such a nation has no resistance of spirit and heart, when the Hitlers and Stalins arise.

SJA Notes

* Living God, please show us today what You want for us to know.

“The people did not turn to him who struck them, nor inquire of the LORD of hosts.”

This is a hard word for God’s people.

We see this outworked in Israel’s history. Even godly leaders such as Joshua have marked instances of _not_ inquiring of the Lord God.

So this is a strong word to us – ASK GOD! TALK TO GOD!

Each day we are to be turning over our lives to the Lord, asking for His help, casting our cares on Him.

It is because of Jesus in turning God’s anger from us that His hand is not stretched out in judgement on us.

This is something we can always and earnestly give thanks to God for!

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for saving us! Thank You that Your anger is no longer our destiny – Because of what You did at the cross!

Please mark us as a faithful people, walking daily with You.

Soften our proud hearts, bend our stubborn wills to You.


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