June 29, Reading 3 – Luke 24:13-53


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Here twice Jesus opens up the Old Testament to His disciples revealing what it teaches about Himself. The Old Testament is for Christians. We are to be Bible Christians, not New Testament Christians!

SJA Notes

“But we had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel.”

In that sliver of time, this is a sad statement – Because Jesus _was_ the one, and they didn’t recognise Him.

In that moment.

But praise God, because their eyes were opened! They saw!

“The Lord has risen indeed, …”

How merciful is God to us, that even though our eyes are blind, He opens them for us. He calls us, breaks our hard hearts, gives us hearts of flesh, brings us from darkness into light, makes our dead hearts alive.

“But we had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel.”

Hallelujah, praise God that Jesus did bring redemption, for Jew and Gentile!

* Gracious and Merciful Father in Heaven,

Thank You that Jesus was the one to redeem Israel. God’s people across all time, space and bloodline.

Thank You for opening our eyes to Your wonder and glory.


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