June 22, Reading 1 – Joshua 3


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SAA Notes

This crossing reminds Israel, and us, that salvation is by His grace. The God who opened the way through the Red Sea through Moses, is with them through Joshua. God is faithful to His covenant. Trust Him in your today.

SJA Notes

* Creator God, wondrously show Your steadfast love, Saviour of those who seek refuge at Your right hand.

“Take up the ark of the covenant and pass on before the people.”

Let the ark lead the way!

Israel was to follow the ark but not come near it. To keep a distance – So that they would know the way to go.

The ark had God’s word within, the commands on stone.

This is the ark of the covenant. The covenant that God made with His people.

As at the Red Sea it is God who makes it possible to move and go forward. It is His power and might that part the waters, His strength that saves.

This is a good reminder for us to let God’s word lead us in our lives.

To remember that it is God’s power in us that makes us alive in Him.

In Psalm 119 we read,

“The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.”

* Gracious Father,

We come before You in repentance and belief – Please help us, please save us.

Thank You for Your word to us, our light and lamp.

Thank You that You write Your word on our hearts each day as we walk in faith before You.

Please help us to remember You and Your word each day.

We would love You better today.


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