June 21, Reading 3 – Luke 20:1-19


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SAA Notes

Read Psalm 118 together with this passage. Hardness of heart is a great defect that our heart itself hides from us. Hardness of heart marked Jerusalem, even as superstition marked Galilee.

SJA Notes

* God Above, please help us know You better today.

“Tell us by what authority you do these things, or who it is that gave you this authority.”

These folk worked hard to undermine Jesus; His teaching, His authority. They were scared of Him and what He spoke about. They were full of anger and even hatred.

How does Jesus answer their attempts?

He doesn’t smite them down, showing with finality the truth of His authority.


Jesus takes the opportunity to teach – both the people listening during this conversation, and all of us through every age.

God’s authority does not need defending.

God’s authority should be obvious now (because we all have eternity set in our hearts, and the evidence it writ large through creation).

God’s authority will be absolutely obvious on that final day (because all will come to light, including the full reality of the endpoints of both the broad and narrow roads).

* Great God Above,

You are the Sovereign Lord – Creator, Sustainer, Life-Giver.

There are none like You, Mighty God.

You are One God, Three Persons – Father, Son and Spirit.

We praise Your Name!


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