June 18, Reading 2 – Hosea 4:1-6:3


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SAA Notes

God tells Hosea that all paths DO NOT lead to Him. Many paths, much religion, leads to spiritual prostitution. This is how God feels about it when His people follow their own made up god – God as we make him up to be. It is terrible when someone we trust or love is unfaithful and false. Let us be like Jesus: Faithful and True! Revelation 19:11

SJA Notes

“There is no faithfulness or steadfast love, and no knowledge of God in the land;”

What a terrible reality this is. And we see God points directly to what happens when mankind rejects Him.

“… There is swearing, lying, murder, stealing, and committing adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed.”

It’s really interesting that God makes it so very clear here.

How much does the world want us to think that “breaking free” is what we must do! That the anti-hero, the one who rejects authority and lives without rules – That these are the ones to follow after and even worship.

It’s a big passage today, full of meat to chew over.

The Lord takes aim at the leaders of the church.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me.”

It’s a pretty familiar situation when you think about it. People rejecting God, going their own way.

This is what the leaders of the church were doing in Hosea’s time.

And God speaks this TERRIBLE word – “I REJECT YOU …”


There is a wonderful word of hope.

“After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live before him.”

For us, Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day. How wonderful is that!

So that we CAN press on to know the LORD (6 v3).

We can step forward each day with a full assurance of resurrection, our new bodies (like Job in ch 19 v26) – Because of Jesus!

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* Dearest God in Heaven; thank You for all that You have done for us. The immensity will never be plumbed by our feeble minds.

Thank You for Jesus. Thank You that because of Him we can have a strong and steady assurance of salvation, of sanctification, of our hope in glory.

Strengthen us this day and onwards Lord God, to press on to KNOW You.


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