May 30, Reading 3 – Luke 9:1-17


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SAA Notes

After teaching, Jesus sends out His disciples to spread the message of the Gospel of His Kingdom. This is His pattern with His disciples. He will do no less with you. We take in that we may give out. We receive that we may pass on.

SJA Notes

Look at how the apostles walk obediently under their King.

“And they departed and went through the villages, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere.”

Luke draws a pattern further on in the passage, linking their behaviour directly to that of Jesus.

“… And he welcomed them and spoke to them of the kingdom of God and cured those who had need of healing.”

While the second action may have been a reality limited to Jesus and a chosen few, the first is something we can all choose to do, as our Lord did!

To preach the gospel, to tell people of the kingdom of God.

We can do this whatever the situation, with word and deed, with our thoughts.

Let’s be encouraged to do as our Lord and Saviour did, and work to tell people about Him and His kingdom with every opportunity.

* God Above,

Please train us through Your word, equip us through Your Spirit, that we would preach the gospel to those around us, to tell people about the good news of Jesus.

Please help us Lord.


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