May 27, Reading 3 – Luke 8:1-21


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

These two parables and the incident with Jesus’ family, contain many challenges for us as we seek to follow and love Him. Can you find some challenge for you here today?

SJA Notes

Good soil!

It is good to be reminded through the gospels time and again of this parable.

That we are to hear the word through our daily readings, and as it is preached to us from the pulpit and from those around us.

That we are to hold God’s word fast in our hearts, and that those hearts are to be full of honesty and goodness.

And that we are to bear fruit with patience. No tree bears fruit immediately, but it grows and matures itself as fruit is budded and grown. Patience while seeking to bear fruit.

Let us be good soil!

* Father God,

Thank You for Your word. Please write it on our hearts, that we would hold it fast there. Each day please mark us as faithful servants, witnessing Your goodness, for Your glory.

Please help us to be patient as we seek to bear fruit for Your kingdom.


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