May 22, Reading 3 – Luke 5:17-39


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SAA Notes

Notice that Luke records not the man’s faith, but the faith of his friends. Sometimes we are tempted to think the cruel doctrine that healing is in proportion to our faith. The important factor is Jesus, not the strength of our faith.

SJA Notes

New wine is for new skins.

As Jesus did, He pulls us up in our thinking.

Jesus is replying to the attack of the Pharisees.

The reality is that new wine will burst old wine skins. That’s just how it works in our world (which Jesus created and sustains). The physical world. New wine, as it ferments, will expand. Old skin is not elastic. New skin will move and stretch.

What is Jesus responding to? An attack by the Pharisees and scribes. They are out to get Him. They are grumpy that Matthew (Levi) has become a believer, Jesus has a new disciple and is feasting in his house!

So they attack Jesus and say His disciples are not very spiritual, they’re not really dedicated, they’re too worldly!

How does Jesus respond?

It is entirely appropriate for His disciples to enjoy a feast. Here is Matthew who has become a believer, praise God! Matthew is going to return what he has stolen, and there is much reason to rejoice that someone has turned away from what is wrong and evil, into truth and life eternal.

And more, Jesus is saying that He is still there, He (the faithful bridegroom of the unfaithful bride, us, the people of God) is still with them. He has not been crucified yet.

Let us be reminded that Jesus is the FAITHFUL and TRUE bridegroom to the UNFAITHFUL bride. That it is Him that matters, not us. That it is His righteousness not our own.

We are sick. He is the doctor that cures our ill.

* Holy God,

Please remind us each day of our need for You.

Please sink us in self, that we might rise in You.


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