May 20, Reading 3 – Luke 4:16-44


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SAA Notes

Jesus goes to Nazareth only after his reputation has grown a little. Remember this is the town where he presumably built houses, mended the ploughs, put in cupboards for everyone. Can you see any reason for their reaction to what Jesus says? (verses 24-29)

SJA Notes

In this passage we see Jesus the preacher, healer and … Rebuker.

It’s interesting to read that He rebuked the demons, particularly commanding them to silence as they witnessed to who He was (the Holy One of God, the Son of God).

You see that the people around these instances were still a little clueless, “What is this word?” – Even though the demon’s testified to who Jesus was.

It is striking then that Mark says that Jesus also _rebuked_ the fever.

And that’s a pointer to His true identity.

Because here we have not only someone with the authority to cast out demons, but also to cast out bodily illness (and perhaps the picture is the same, that the illness has captured the person in a similar way a demon would possess someone).

And too, note that while Jesus didn’t want the demons testifying to His identity, He did make it very clear what His purpose on earth was.

“I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well; for I was sent for this purpose.”

How wonderful it is that Jesus preached the gospel throughout Israel.

And how wonderful it is that all these years later we have faithful ministers preaching the gospel in new sabbath, pointing us back to Jesus!

* Father God,

Thank You that in Your steadfast love and forever faithfulness You continue to build Your church, through all the years.

Please help us to preach the gospel in whatever situation You place us in, in whatever means You give to us.

Please make us more like Jesus each day.


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