May 16, Reading 3 – Luke 2:1-21


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

These are well-known words read every Christmas. Remember the marriage customs of the time ā€“ what we call engagement was considered marriage then. It was the legal part of the marriage and could be performed years before the actual wedding ceremony. Mary would not have been allowed to see Joseph before the wedding, but she was already his wife legally.

SJA Notes

Words can fail us when we step through time and place ourselves in the fields with the shepherds hearing the wonderful message of the messenger (angel) and the multitude host (imagine the noise reverberating through the hills!).

As they make their way quickly to the stable, the humble birthplace, a place where animals slept and ate.

Here is the KING!

You can almost see their hearts bursting forth, joy and praise and HALLELUJAHS ringing forth.

This passage is a wonderful conviction for us to step forth with praise – For our Saviour King has come to earth, the lamb slain from before the foundation of the world, born in a manger. This is He who saves us from death!

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* God Almighty,

You are God. We are Your creation.

Please remind us, fix within us, an earnest desire to proclaim Your glory.

Remind us of the wonder that the shepherds felt, to hear the news, the resounding choirs of angelic beings, and even to see the Saviour.

Thank You that we can SEE JESUS!


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