May 10, Reading 2 – Proverbs 18


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SAA Notes

Many of these proverbs have something to do with the tongue. There are for self-reflection as well as for understanding others. We all thank God for the Friend who sticks closer than a brother!

SJA Notes

Here we read, particularly the first half, the peril of being a fool! Foolish behaviour has a light shone bright on it.

Think before you speak (v2).

Don’t show favouritism (v5).

Think before you speak (v6).

And once more, think before you speak (v7)!

Slacking off is more dangerous than you think (v9).

The arrogant are headed for destruction (v12).

However, there are a good number of these today that look at the wise.

Particularly, v10 holds much hope for us!

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.” v10

Do we practice this? Do we take hold of this and write it on our hearts?

God’s NAME is important! In and of itself there is MUCH VALUE is the name of the LORD; We can run to it, we can take refuge in it, it saves us – How good is that!

We do this is verbally naming the Lord, in public and private, through prayer and through conversation.

But hallowing His name is more than what comes from our lips.

We are to bear God’s name as a standard as we walk this narrow way.

Praise God for His Name!

Almighty Father, thank you for Your name. Thank You that we can run to it, that it is a strong tower for us, a refuge from the storms that beset us in this life.


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