April 8, Reading 2 – Psalm 119:41-72


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SAA Notes

Unfailing love, comfort, portion/inheritance, doing good. God’s guidance and wisdom in the Ten Commandments will only bless you as you seek His presence and person.

SJA Notes

“The law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.”

What is success? What is wealth? What is important?

It can be easy to speak language of humility but much harder to practice contentment in our hidden selves.

This is not an easy truth to take up each day, but it is worthy of our effort.

God’s word is to sit in primacy in our lives, above our desires and dreams.

Because we are finite. God is infinite.

Because it is His word, not ours. Our words drop to the ground and are lost in a moment. But His word is written with indelible ink on the hearts of His people.

Where is our hope? Where is our treasure? Where is our desire?

Let us be people of God’s word. Bleeding scripture, flowing over abundantly with verse. Let us make sure God and His word is baked into our thoughts, so that our conversations are salted regardless of who we speak with.

God’s word is better than thousands of pieces of gold – May this be real for us today!

* Loving God,

Please help us to place You and Your word first and foremost.

Not just on Sundays, but every day.

Not just in language we use when with Your people, but in all situations, amongst all people, in any place.

Lord please help us be Your people who bear Your Name well in this world.


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