April 30, Reading 1 – Numbers 10:11-11:3


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SAA Notes

Moses’ words re the Ark (v.35,36) centred Israel’s attention on God’s manifold grace in salvation and to a present hope of His interest and leading. The phrase countless thousands of Israel is a reminder that God did keep His promises to Abraham. We too should be encouraged to hope in Him!

SJA Notes

* Dear God, our shield, we will sing of Your strength – I will sing aloud of Your steadfast love in the morning!

“And the people complained …”

We can sometimes think of complaining as not a very serious thing. We all do it.

In complaining here Israel were treating God Almighty with contempt, bringing Him down – They were unhappy with His will for them, the direction He was taking them, the commands He gave them.

Kind of like Jonah the prophet, who did not like that God saved an entire city from their sin.

Kind of like us. We can be this way.

This passage should point us to Jesus.

We _should_ be consumed by God’s wrath, as some of Israel were here. There is absolutely no reason we can make that would balance the scales in a cosmic argument of why God should not consume us all in our disobedience (which includes complaining).

But Jesus took on this wrath. He bore the punishment we deserve. And He intercedes. While Moses prayed and the fire died down, Jesus is continually making intercession to the Father for His people (Romans 8:34), every moment of every day.

God’s word tells us to be thankful! To praise His Name!

This is the best protection against complaining. To work at a thankful heart.

So let us be encouraged today to do that.

* Father God,

You are the God from whom all blessings flow, we praise You!

Your Name is above all other names, blessed be Your Name!

Thank You Lord!


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