April 18, Reading 1 – Leviticus 25


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SAA Notes

This is a long chapter – it has something important to say. Remember the Books of the Law paint the picture of an ideal society. Israel only followed these regulations imperfectly. Land and debtors – both were to obtain rest. Ownership of land was not vested in the Crown as in Australia. It was vested in the clan and it returned to the clan. Clan members could not sell but only lease it out during a Jubilee cycle of 50 years. This gave great political power and freedom to ordinary people – such that we don’t have today here in Australia!

SJA Notes

“And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.”

The Year of Jubilee, every fifty years. The year itself was consecrated. The purpose freedom and redemption, rest and reliance on God.

There was freedom from debt. Redemption from slavery (the people were all servants of God). The land was left alone and had rest for the whole year (the land was the Lord’s).

And it is important to note the day on which the fiftieth year is proclaimed and consecrated.

The Day of Atonement!

All of those things, freedom, redemption, rest – We see these again in Jesus, His work of salvation when He atoned for our sin!

The Year of Jubilee is a big sign God gave His people – That there is something more, go deeper, look at what God is teaching us (God’s people) about debt, about slavery.

What a Father in Heaven, that He gives us His Word to spend our lives growing in our knowledge and understanding, deeper and closer to Him each day.


* Gracious Lord,

Thank You for bringing us freedom from our sin, what a jubilee that is for us.

Thank You for embedding this within the framework of Israel, so that it might remind them at that time and us now for our need to be free from our sin.

And thank You for Jesus, by whose work our freedom is won.


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