April 15, Reading 1 – Leviticus 23:1-22


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SAA Notes

This first-fruits offering leads us directly to the Lord’s prayer: Give us this day our daily bread! In all the three great festivals and in this family offering, the ancient believer owned himself and his family as “the recipients of His bounty, the dependents of His blessing and the stewards of His property”.

SJA Notes

* Merciful Father in Heaven, thank You for redeeming us to be Your people.

“Six days shall work be done, …”

Ordinary work is important.

The model we read here is that six out of seven days in a week can be focussed on ordinary work.

However, it is helpful to flip this around. Focus instead on the one day out of seven as a standard, the foundation.

One day out of seven is to be set apart (all the emphasis on being set apart, on holiness) – To be outside of ordinary work, to be of solemn rest.

It is good to examine whether we go about ordinary work seven days a week.

Six days out of seven for ordinary, one day out of seven for setting apart – a sabbath to the LORD.

This is the model we read here, one set by God from the beginning of creation.

Let us wrestle with what this might mean for us in our lives.

* God Above,

Please help us know what to do with Your word each day as we read and consume it.

Please help us take this model of one day in seven as set apart and conduct ourselves as You desire.

Thank You Lord for the hope of eternal rest!


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