April 10, Reading 2 – Psalm 119:113-144


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

You find many emotions in this psalm – despair: verse 123, impatience: verse 126, love: verses 113, 127, wonder: verse 129, trust: verse 117. Every time you read this psalm, you can find one thing that speaks to your heart and mind.

SJA Notes

The question we looked at when starting Psalm 119 was “How important is God’s Word?”

The answer, then and throughout till the end – Is VERY! Of course!

God’s Word is what we are to love! (but hate the double-minded) (v113)

God’s Word is wonderful, worthy to be kept! (v129)

God’s Word gives light, it gives understanding to the simple! (v130)

God’s Word is full of His promises to us; promises to uphold us that we may live! (v116)

God’s word is better than gold (money, wealth, power, fame)! (v127)

And God’s word is RIGHT. TRUE. Absolutely and without end, TRUE. (and so we are called to hate every FALSE way) (v128)

The thread of petitioning the Lord for understanding is throughout, and so we are encouraged to do this today. Ask the Lord for understanding! He is not a miserly scrooge!

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” James 1 v5.

The psalmist knew the truth of what James is saying here.

Please give us understanding Lord God, that we may live!

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