March 9, Reading 1 – Exodus 27:20-28:14


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SAA Notes

Right throughout the Old Testament, oil is a symbol for the Holy Spirit. These lamps were to be kept burning as a visible sign to Israel that the presence of God’s Spirit is the greatest blessing. We should do nothing to grieve the Spirit!

SJA Notes

* Lord God, thank You for giving to us the ordinances and precepts for how to walk in Your paths. Please help us on this narrow road.

“And Aaron shall bear their names before the LORD on his two shoulders for remembrance.”

Here is our Great High Priest, King Jesus, writ large.

Aaron was a high priest for a time, a short span. He was to regularly bring the names of the tribes, engraved on stones placed on the ephod – bring them before the Lord.

For remembrance.

Not because God forgets or loses interest or shakes the dust off.


Bringing the people to remembrance before the Lord, a job of the high priest, is as petitioning through prayer in a BIG WAY.

Not just walking through a prayer list each morning, the people who move in and out of our lives.

This is the entire people of God, brought before the Lord in petition, the high priest remembering them to the Lord.

And Jesus does this right now!

Each of us, God’s people, brought to remembrance to the throne of God by our Great High Priest.

And Jesus does this without stopping or taking a break.

His is the power of an indestructible life, able to intercede at the right hand of the Father, day by day without end.

Hallelujah, what a Saviour we have!

* Dear God,

Sometimes our lives become so wrapped up in the now, in the turmoil and trouble, in the anxieties and worries, that we find it hard to fix our eyes on You.

Please remind us to cast our cares on You – For You care for us, ever-interceding as High Priest everlasting.

Lord God, we believe. Please help our unbelief!


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