March 6, Reading 1 – Exodus 25


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SAA Notes

Verse 2 gives us the Biblical principle for giving ā€“ as our hearts prompt us. A generous spirit or its lack is a good indication the condition of the hearts of the Church. Giving should never be compulsory in the support of gospel work. The Biblical principle of the tithe is still a voluntary action.

SJA Notes

* Father God, please teach us how to worship You better today.

“And see that you make them after the pattern for them, which is being shown you on the mountain.”

God gives us patterns.

He tells us how to worship Him, how to live as His people, how to please Him.

He gives us a pattern, and patterns, to follow.

Here the Lord gives Israel direction on setting up the important elements that would make up the portable tabernacle that travelled about with them.

His word gives us direction, from start to finish, on setting up our lives to glorify Him, to please Him (obedience available to us through Jesus, the Right Man).

And importantly, the pattern was shown to them on the mountain.

At Sinai the Lord revealed Himself to Moses (and even to the elders as we read yesterday).

For us, the Lord has revealed Himself in the Person of Jesus – Who for us became a curse, dying on a cross on that hill outside of Jerusalem.

It is through Jesus that we know God’s pattern, His direction for us to live our lives.

Jesus is the way! Let us look to Him today.

* Great God Above,

Please show us Jesus today. Let us know You better, little by little, and see Jesus in this passage and all of scripture.

Lord please forgive us when we sin.

Thank You that we can find forgiveness in You, through the work of Jesus.

Thank You for all You have done for us (Father, Son and Spirit).


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