March 4, Reading 3 – Acts 13:1-25


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SAA Notes

On this first missionary journey, Barnabas was the leader. In the confrontation with Bar-Jesus before Sergius Paulus, Saul takes the lead. (From this point on in Acts, Luke refers to him by his Roman name Paul.) What does this incident tell you about Barnabas as a person?

SJA Notes

* Lord God, thank You for this day. Please help us hear Your word in our ears, please write it on our hearts.

“Manaen, a lifelong friend of Herod the tetrarch, …”

The Lord calls us from all walks of life, from the lowly through to the proud and lofty.

Look at one member of the church in Antioch.

Manaen, a lifelong friend of Herod the tetrarch.


This is the Herod (a titled name) that treated Jesus with contempt and mockery, seen in Luke 23:6-12.

And yet God called a close friend of his, saving into His kingdom.

God does not operate as we would, God does not show the partiality we would.

Sometimes we can forget our God calls such as these.

This is a good reminder that the lost who Jesus came to save, these lost can be found from all of life, across the global, from the least to the greatest in human perspective, from all the great spectrum of humanity.

* Father God,

Please save our loved ones Lord, those friends and family who do not know You.

Please save those folk we meet regularly and those we bump into now and then.

Please save the poor and homeless, please save the rich and powerful, please save from the betweens.


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