March 26, Reading 2 – Psalm 102


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SAA Notes

Wrestling with disease, cancer, stroke, misfortune, or some great loss taxes the hardiest soul. Perseverance with God is founded on knowing something of His compassion and promises (v.13). God remains! This is the thought that comforts this afflicted man.

SJA Notes

* Holy God, thank You that even though we were enemies You set us who were doomed to die free from our chains.

“For my days pass away like smoke, and my bones burn like a furnace.”

Here the psalmist plumbs the depth of our wretched state, us as humanity, our sorrow and loss, our despair and misery.

We know pain. We know loss. We cannot sleep and are wracked with physical and mental pain coming out of spiritual anguish.


“But you, O LORD, are enthroned forever; you are remembered throughout all generations.”

This is what we cling to. This truth that sits atop the reality of our groaning.

“Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord:”

This is talking about us!

We are all God’s people, in every age. It is us and our children and their children, our parents and grandparents and onwards backwards – all the generations that have passed and all that are to come until our King returns.

What is the recorded word?

“… That he looked down from his holy height; from heaven the LORD looked at the earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners, to set free those who were doomed do die,”

It is Jesus!

In Jesus we see God’s hearing and responding to the groans of the prisoners.

In Jesus we who are doomed to die, the curse of sin heavy upon us – In Jesus we are saved, set free!

Hallelujah most true, what a Saviour!

* Holy God,

You are enthroned forever, remembered throughout all generations.

Thank You for saving us prisoners, doomed to die.

Thank You for Jesus, You the Son, come to earth to give us a hope that is beyond this frail and feeble life.


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