March 26, Reading 1 – Leviticus 3


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SAA Notes

With the Fellowship Offerings, all the separable fat together with the liver and the kidneys were burnt, and never eaten. This prohibition on blood and separable fat has health implications – they are restrictions that prevent many cardiovascular diseases and viruses and their spread.

SJA Notes

“… Without blemish.”

We read this over and over through these passages, that the offerings are to be the first-fruits, having nothing wrong with them.

If we only take this as a physical meaning, then it’s a hard thing to work through.

Most of us (all) have blemishes. We have faults in our physical nature, our mental workings, and most of all we are without any ability to spiritually work good in and of ourselves.

That’s why we need Jesus!

God sent Himself as the lamb without blemish, slain for us.

So it is only through Jesus that the offering of ourselves as living sacrifices makes sense.

It is only by His work that we can come before the Lord and offer up ourselves as fragrant offerings.

Amen and Hallelujah!

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You that Jesus is the lamb without blemish, slain for us.

Thank You that through Him we can offer up ourselves, that in and through Him we can be a pleasing offering to You.

Thank You – Please help us today Lord God to be holy and acceptable offerings to You.


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