March 12, Reading 3 – Acts 17:16-34


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SAA Notes

Why would Paul be distressed to see idolatry in Athens? The philosophers listened to Paul until he spoke on the resurrection. The resurrection causes similar reactions within Australia today. The resurrection doctrine reminds us that our future is as humans, not as angels or spirits.

SJA Notes

* Living God, thank You for teaching us from Your word today. May we hear and obey.

“Yet he is actually not far from each one of us,”

God is not far from each one of us.

This is the message of good news to the nations, to those around us!

We may be mocked and even despised for telling this message.

And it is true, the divide between God and His enemies is a cast and unfathomable-to-us chasm.

But that God our Creator, Sustainer and Life-Giver would send Himself to bridge that gap, to make it possible for us as enemies to become friends of God … What a God we have!

The good news of Jesus, for all – God is not far from us, Jesus is the answer!

* Gracious Father in Heaven,

Please help us to spread Your good news to our loved ones, our friends and family, those folk we meet throughout the week.

Please help us to be bold and to be brave, ready to be ashamed for the sake of our King Jesus, knowing that in Him the shame of the world has no lasting power.


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