February 24, Reading 1 – Exodus 15


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SAA Notes

This is one of the great songs of the Bible. It is the song of heaven together with the Song of the Lamb in Revelation 15:3. What do you find uplifting in this song?

SJA Notes

“You have led in your steadfast love the people whom you have redeemed; you have guided them by your strength to your holy abode.”

The Lord had redeemed Israel out of Egypt, yet they were pursued by a mighty army, the fear of man’s retribution and vengeance upon them.

These words from Moses are for that generation, to encourage them to remain faithful to the faithful God, who led them in His steadfast love.

But they are words for all the generations of God’s people (of course, this is God’s word!).

God doesn’t leave us once He saves us. When He redeems us, He then guides us toward glory in His strength.

How much we can look forward to God’s holy abode as we dwell now in this frail body (both ourselves and the people of God together), seeing as through a mirror smudged and cloudy.

And how much we can give thanks that our King Jesus continues to build His church here on earth, even in our brokenness (just as He did with Israel).

What steadfast love He shows!

* Gracious Father,

Thank You for redeeming us out from the slavery of sin.

Thank You that You guide us by Your strong hand and mighty arm toward and to Your holy abode.

Please remind us today of our hope in Your gift of eternal life, and what that means for us now, as we walk one with another as Your church here on earth.


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