February 10, Reading 2 – Psalm 28, 29


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SAA Notes

Reflect on the words in Psalm 29: The voice of the Lord, and tie
them in with the Word of the Lord – Jesus. In Psalm 28, David
uses the image of the Rock! A concordance will help you trace
references to this important image – e.g., Exodus 17:6, 33:22,
Isaiah 8:14, 32:2, 1 Samuel 2:2, Daniel 2:2,3.

SJA Notes

How good is this word from David!

In a sentence David shows us both the reality of his foundation (the Lord) AND cries out his cares and worries in the same breath.

This is so good for us to wrestle with. That we can do this too!

We need to get right the order of things which gives us the hope and trust as we petition the Lord.

And who is this Lord that we pray to?

David kicks it up a notch in psalm 29.

“The voice of the LORD …”

It is power. It is full of majesty. It breaks trees. Moves nations. Flashes forth flames of fire. Shakes the wilderness. Makes the deer give birth. Strips the forests bare.

This is our God! Praise Him! Praise Him!

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