January 9, Reading 3 – Matthew 7:7-29


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

God has a wide heart – persevere in prayer. Ponder over the passage on wolves in sheep’s clothing. Can you tell a wolf from a true prophet/proclaimer of Christ’s Gospel?

SJA Notes

How much of God’s word is about two binary sides! All of Israel’s history has been about choosing God vs choosing the world. Blessing vs curse. Obedience vs disobedience.

And here, just in this short passage that chronicles Jesus’ sermon on the mount, we have a multitude of them.

The narrow gate vs the wide gate.

Good fruit vs bad fruit.

The praise of man vs the longing for God (seeking His kingdom first).

The wise man vs the foolish.

The house on the rock vs the house on the sand.

Let’s be encouraged that the Lord has chosen us, and so we are able to choose wisdom, our houses can be built on Him, our hearts can be set in Him, our longing for Him, our feet on the narrow way having passed through the straight gate (because of Jesus).

Praise God, what a Saviour!

* Gracious Father,

We have such a depth of blessing to be found in You, in Your word. Thank You!

Thank You that in Jesus, because of Him and nothing else, we are brought through the straight and narrow gate, onto the narrow way that leads to life.

Praise You! We praise Your name!


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