January 30, Reading 1 – Genesis 37


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SAA Notes

Jacob’s family begins to fracture with the death of Rachael and the rejection by Jacob of Levi, Simeon and Reuben in the position of his main heir. He pours out his grief in the very public favouritism he shows Joseph. The best of us grow weary and act unwisely or irresponsibly. Hatred stirs most in Judah’s heart – of whom great things are said later. We all need the work of the grace of God in every today.

SJA Notes

“And looking up they saw a caravan of Ishmaelites coming from Gilead, …”

Here amongst the terrible decision-making of God’s people is an insight into those … Not of God’s people.

Within three generations, out of Abraham’s other sons, tribes were selling humans – trafficking slaves.

Ishmael and Midian were both sons of Abraham. Joseph’s grandfather was Isaac.

These men knew of the Lord. Abraham’s life was one of faith in God the Almighty.

Yet they rejected God, and lived in unbelief.

It is faith that differentiates these people, as it does with us today (that being a gift from God, not of ourselves).

It is helpful to see the truth – That none of the characters in this story have spotless behaviour and only do what is right. They are marked and tarnished, burnt and bruised.

But those who walk in faith are different because of Jesus! He is the one who died to save His people (regardless of which side of the cross in time they were born in). He is the one whose sacrifice paid the penalty, whose life gives us life – It is in Him and Him alone that we find our hope, that we can walk in faith.

And that will mark us to the world as it has our brothers and sisters throughout history.

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

That You that in Him we can know You and walk in faith.

Please help us to love and serve You each day.

Please show us today what You want us to know from Your word.


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