January 27, Reading 2 – Psalm 4, 5, 6


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SAA Notes

The Psalms show us people’s responses to life and all the sorts of things that can happen. They may not be very “politically correct”, just because they mirror how people really feel. The Psalms show you how you can come to God and bare your heart.

SJA Notes

In these psalms David is crying out to the Lord from the depths of emotional turmoil, physical hardship and mental anguish.

There is great importance to be found in doing exactly what psalm 4 says, to “ponder in your own hearts on your beds, and be silent.”

David asks the Lord to hear his groaning, his cry. We can cry out to the Lord in sorrow and anguish and He hears us! He is faithful and true!

Let’s be encouraged to take time to be thoughtful. Think through what is on our mind, active trust, constant prayer.

It’s not hard to tap into what David speaks here. Life is hard. The Psalms are a wonderful cool fresh balm that shows us the depth of how the Lord relates to us, and how we can relate and speak and wrestle with Him.

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