January 26, Reading 2 – Psalm 1, 2, 3


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SAA Notes

The themes of the first two psalms are the Law of Moses (Ps.1) and the Prophets (Ps.2). Psalm 3 arises out of terrible anguish of heart. David’s own son has tried to kill him!

SJA Notes

“Blessed is the man …”

We can see a clear example of this practicing believer in Job. His walking, standing and sitting showing godly wisdom.

What a good encouragement and conviction this is for us.

Let us not walk or stand or sit with the wicked, those who scoff at our Lord God!

What are we to do though?

Turn to God’s word. It needs to be our delight, our roadmap, our constant companion, the prime source of any wisdom we might seek or have.

And not once or seasonally, but every single day meditating on it – What does the Lord say to us today from His word? What does He have to teach us, little by little, line upon line, day by day?

Remember the exhortation of the Bereans in Acts 17,

“… They received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.”

We are to be a people first and foremost of the word! And rather than taking in what those say around us as truth – We are exhorted to test everything against the scriptures.

That means words that a wonderfully gifted orator might deliver. That means the thoughts on our hearts about this or that, about big ideologies and little means, of grand dreams and hard-won experiences.

Everything is to be wrestled with through the lens of God’s word.

Nothing is too important that it cannot be measured against scripture.

* Almighty God,

Thank You for the Psalms – They are a wealth of human emotion and experience for us to dwell on.

Please show us today what You want for us.

Thank You for the witness of Job, who shows us how to live as Psalm 1 indicates.

And thank You for our King Jesus, who while on earth shows us more completely than Job ever could – How to live for You, to show Your love to those around us, to serve You with all humility.


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