January 24, Reading 1 – Genesis 30


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SAA Notes

Jacob ends up with four wives and eleven sons. After twenty years, he is still working for his father-in-law though prospering greatly – unlike Moses who remained a shepherd. Jacob is still a smooth operator. Isn’t it amazing that God chooses to use this character? Amazing grace!

SJA Notes

Here is why we need Jesus!

Even the most fervent of love (seven years as no time, yesterday’s passage) will come unstuck, transforming into ugly desires and bitter envy, when we reject God and follow worldly wisdom.

Rachel got sick of not having children, and gave Jacob her servant to get children on.

Leah then did the same!

Then Rachel smugly allows the barren Leah to purchase a night with Jacob.

The Lord is not swayed though.

Leah bares more children.

And too, He blesses Rachel with a son.

Despite all the brokenness in this passage, God continues to bless!

This is good news again for us. Because of Jesus, we are blessed immeasurably even as broken as we are. God has called us, saved us, and is sanctifying us – Making us more like Jesus.

He is our pattern.

* Thank You Father God for Your love for us.

Thank You for Your blessing to Leah and Rachel.

Thank You for Your Spirit at work in us, may we be vessels that show forth Your light.


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