January 21, Reading 3 – Matthew 14:14-36


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SAA Notes

In the midst of grief, Jesus could look at the needs of others and be filled with compassion. He was truly a great man. His resurrection makes Him all the greater!

SJA Notes

There was a song years back about walking on water in a metaphorical sense. Keeping our eyes on Jesus. A good song, and a great reminder, no doubt.

But here we see Peter actually walking on water. Peter! The broken man who would time and again be shown his need for a complete reliance on and trust in Jesus.

He gets out of the boat and doesn’t sink.

What kind of God do we follow? What kind of Saviour has called us out of darkness into light?

One who has complete and utter control over every part of creation itself. He is creator AND sustainer!

He not only wrote the code but created the engine/compiler that knows what to do with the code!

For Him, suspending the physical laws of objects and weight and density is not a problem.

This is our God. This is our Saviour!

It is good to remember that Jesus is not only the energy by which the world was made, but also the energy that continues to sustain the world – And us!

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for Jesus, who saves us from sin.

Thank You for Your Spirit, who continues to work within us, drawing us closer to You.

And thank You Father for who You are, loving and kind, faithful and true.

May we serve You with all our hearts this day and onwards.


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