January 20, Reading 3 – Matthew 13:44-14:13


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SAA Notes

There are two tragic events here – the lack of faith in Jesus’ childhood companions and the death of His cousin. Rejection and grief close to home are hard. Jesus knows all our troubles. Come to Him.

SJA Notes

* God Above, Your word is truth. Please teach us from it today.

“The kingdom of heaven is like …”

Jesus continues to teach on the kingdom of heaven and what it means for us.

The truth of the kingdom of heaven changes our life. The impact of what Jesus speaks about here, it is our very selves re-coded with permanent ink.

We will act in a way that seems foolish to the world around us.

We will speak words that cause those around us to ponder our sanity, question our intellect, and quite possibly react adversely.

We will think in patterns and means alien to the way the world teaches us to think.

This is God’s kingdom, the kingdom of heaven.

And our kingdom has the righteous King of Kings, the True Man, God in the Person of the Son – Jesus!

Let us hearken to His words today.

* Gracious Father in Heaven,

Thank You for giving to us Your word, both testaments, which point us to Jesus as King, Lord, Saviour.

Thank You that He won us freedom at Calvary on the cross.

Thank You that He conquered death, rising alive on the third ay from the grave where His body lay.

Thank You that He transported back into heaven, to sit at Your right hand, continually interceding for us.

Thank You for our King!

Please help us be Your kingdom people in spirit and in truth today.


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