January 18, Reading 1 – Genesis 24


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SAA Notes

Abraham feels that his own death is coming closer, and Isaac has no wife or child. Isaac is 40. Abraham selects his son’s wife from his own extended family – he wants a wife of the faith for his son. He trusts that God will guide his chief servant. This is a beautiful and gripping story. Its length will not stop you from reading to the end.

SJA Notes

“Before he had finished speaking, behold …”

The witness of Abraham’s servant is wonderfully clear.

He prays in faith, asking the Lord for favour and success in this endeavour. He prays expectantly.

And before he finishes speaking, the Lord answers!

Before this pivot we have Abraham’s faithful servant praying (what a joy it will be to meet this un-named man of God in glory).

After this we see the outworking of God’s will.

The Lord’s answer is to bring Rebekah directly to Abraham’s servant, to soften her heart to be led along this path to Isaac.

The Lord’s answer is to work through the growing tricksy nature of Laban (which we see later with Jacob) and give him and his father no room for manoeuvring.

The Lord’s answer is to strengthen the servant to remain committed and return to his master with haste (think of the disobedient prophet in 1 Kings 13 who allowed himself to be led astray from God’s will).

God answers our prayers. May our ears be opened to His answers.

* God Above,

Thank You for the witness of Abraham’s servant, his prayer, his faithful obedience.

Please mark us as a faithful obedient people. Together as Your people, and each of us in our personal relationship with You.


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