January 17, Reading 1 – Genesis 23


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SAA Notes

Death is something we must all face. What example do you see in this chapter from the way Abraham handles the death of his beloved Sarah? The only plot of ground that Abraham owns in the Promised Land, is the family grave. Be encouraged by this parallel with our own situation in this present earth.

SJA Notes

“After this, Abraham buried Sarah his wife in the cave of the field of Machpelah east of Mamre (that is, Hebron) in the land of Canaan.”

There is value in thinking through what Abraham had to work through himself.

Here was a man that God spoke with directly, and made great promises too. Promises of blessing, descendant, and of a land.

God promised Abraham that the land of Canaan would one day belong to the Hebrew nation, the people that would come from Abraham himself.

But Abraham would never see it!

He had this plot of land where his beloved Sarah was buried. That’s it.

Faith is what Hebrews tells us marks Abraham.

And this is faith in action. Trusting God beyond our limitations, resting in His promises as true and sure.

Abraham knew his saviour, as we do.

So we can be encouraged by Abraham’s witness and example.

We have an inheritance even better than the earthly land of Israel (as important as that is).

And one day we, God’s people, will join together there – The bride adorned for her husband – Where God will dwell with us, and be our light.

What a hope this is!

* Lord God,

Thank You for Abraham’s faithful example here.

Thank You that even though now we see as through a glass dimly, one day we will see in full.

We look forward to that day, Saviour God!


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