January 12, Reading 2 – Job 20


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SAA Notes

Zophar expounds on the coming judgment for the godless. He means every point to be taken by Job as directed to himself! How would you treat friends who persisted in blaming you when you don’t deserve it? How did God tell Job to treat his friends? 42:8

SJA Notes

“The possessions of his house will be carried away, dragged off in the day of God’s wrath.”

Much of what Zophar describes here has happened to Job.

I mean, Job must be doing something wrong to have these terrible things happen to him right?

It is helpful to remember when Israel had grown into a mighty people in Egypt. Pharoah wrought horrible cruelties on the Israelites, great suffering. When Moses was born Pharoah had ordered all the little baby boys to be killed!

Was this brought on the people for a specific sin?


God worked His good will through disaster and bad things happening.

The same is happening with Job.

And the same thing is true within our own lives.

God works good through bad.

We see this most of all in our Lord and King Jesus being crucified and taking on the weight of sin for an entire people across all of time.

God works good through bad.

* Father God,

Thank You for saving us.

Thank You for Your promise that You continue to work for our good, through and within all that happens.

Please help us to trust in You and walk in obedience today.


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