January 12, Reading 2 – Job 20


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SAA Notes

Zophar expounds on the coming judgment for the godless. He means every point to be taken by Job as directed to himself! How would you treat friends who persisted in blaming you when you don’t deserve it? How did God tell Job to treat his friends? 42:8

SJA Notes

Zophar has fed hook, line and sinker on skewed doctrine.

He and the other friends have been at church where a crooked theology has been preached/taught, and they have taken it on. Job has some unrepentant sin and he is in the camp of evil.

In one sense it’s easy to see how it might happen.

Up to this point God has often and clearly punished His people for their disobedience. Disobedience == Curse. Obedience == Blessing. God told the people this through Moses, they stood on Mount Ebal and Mount Gerazim and shouted the blessings and curses across the valley to one another.

There is so much of God’s punishment in His word tied up in the idea of our disobedience. After all, Adam and Eve were barred from the garden of Eden because they disobeyed God’s law.

So Job must be doing something wrong to have these terrible things happen to him right?

If we think back to when Israel had grown into a mighty nation in Egypt, we see a very clear reminder that God has always worked good through bad things (well, we can go right back to Adam and Eve to see that!).

Pharoah wrought horrible cruelties on the Israelites, great suffering. When Moses was born Pharoah had ordered all the little boy babies to be thrown into the nile! The people were subjected to harsh burdens, terrible working conditions, unjust authorities.

Did Israel specifically sin that this was brought on them?


Just as with Job, God was working for good, but it happened through disaster and bad things.

It’s good to remember this as we wrestle with how God is working in our own lives right now.

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