December 15, Reading 2 – Daniel 11:21-45


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SAA Notes

The Maccabean Jews saw their revolt against the oppression of Antiochus IV as fulfilment of these words, especially v. 32. The power of the great Hellenistic kingdoms was overcome by Rome.

SJA Notes

The message for God’s people who read this passage in Daniel in times past is the same message to us. It’s the message of Revelation too, of the Beast and the Dragon. It’s a truth that God layers over and again throughout the entirety of His word.

That evil will not last.

Even when it seems though it will.

God is Sovereign.

Jesus is King.

The Lord is EVERLASTING, He is the ALPHA and the OMEGA, He is all in all.

The evil powers we see about us today, those as individuals, those as groups, those as mighty nations in our world – These shall not last.

But God endures, unchanging on. Steadfast and faithful. Mercy without end.

Praise God for this!

* Gracious Father,

Thank You that we can hold onto the truth of who You are – Eternal and unchanging, without beginning or end.

Thank You that we can know the truth of worldly powers – That they are limited and will not last.

Thank You Lord, for the hope that we have in Jesus. Our King and Lord and Saviour.


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