October 5, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 38


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SAA Notes

God grant every one of His servants an Ebed-Melech as a friend. Pray for those who preach and teach God’s Word.

SJA Notes

We can maybe imagine a little how hard it was for Zedekiah the king. Managing a kingdom beseieged (such that it shrank into being just a single city for two years of siege).

Even amidst what was happening directly outside the city gates (a vast and powerful enemy army), there was obviously still people playing games/politicking.

Zedekiah had to deal with a very hard thought – This prophet (Jeremiah) is saying words that will weaken our soldiers.

And you know, that’s true! Jeremiah’s words, the Lord God’s words – They would not have helped bring courage to those defending Jerusalem.

Because God had said – SURRENDER! There is wisdom in this path for you – It will go better for you if you surrender.

It would probably be the same then as now – This doesn’t make for a good story, there aren’t any heroic last-minute rescues, men standing against the hordes, dying in glorious battle.


And we can make the same mistake that Zedekiah and the nobles/politicians made here.

God calls us to be meek, humble, other-centered, kind, patient. He calls on us to be faithful and true, to be steadfast in our love, to be gentle and self-controlled. He calls us to WISDOM.

We already have a hero – Jesus, who broke the hold of sin and death over us.

In tomorrow’s passage we’ll see that Zedekiah didn’t listen to God, refused to obey. And paid the price.

Let’s be encouraged to choose God’s wisdom rather than that of the world.

Choose wisdom!

* Father God,

Please show us Your word today, what wisdom You would have us hear.

Mark us as a faithful people Lord, reflecting and showing Your faithfulness.


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