August 30, Reading 2 – Zephaniah 2


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SAA Notes

Zephaniah cries out: seek the LORD, seek righteousness, seek humility. The NKJV puts the translation: It may be that you will be hidden in the day of the LORD’s anger. Jew and Gentile, all are accountable to God for their actions, policies, plans. Whatever other Australians do, let us seek the Lord!

SJA Notes

* Lord God, please show us Your truth today.

“Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land, who do his just commands; seek righteousness; seek humility; perhaps you may be hidden on the day of the anger of the LORD.”

Here is a truth, a hard word, that we have seen and will continue to see through all of God’s word.

The Lord’s anger burns against both God’s people and the rest of the world because of our sin against Him.

God has His purposes, He is working them out, and will bring them to completion at the end; for all the earth to bow before Him (whether in judgement or in thankful worship).


In the now, what is the word for us?

Seek the Lord. Seek righteousness. Seek Humility.

Where do we find those things?

In Jesus. He is the answer. He is God in the person of the son. He is the Righteous One. He submitted Himself as Son under the will of His Father in all humility.


In Jesus we are hidden on the day when God’s wrath will be poured out on all this broken creation that lives in opposition to Him.

Jesus is the answer.

He is our hiding place.

* Gracious Father,

Please put within us a heart for the lost.

Please break the hearts of our loved ones, those around us, of our suburbs and cities and nations – Please let people find rescue in Jesus.

That we might rejoice together in finding refuge in Jesus.


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