August 30, Reading 1 – 2 Samuel 14


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SAA Notes

Intra-family relationships can be fraught with many tensions. Joab is Absalom’s cousin though much older. The big questions in all this history are: Who will be David’s heir? and What is the worth of that heir? That is still the question today for Jews today. Is Jesus of Nazareth David’s heir?

SJA Notes

The subterfuge and politicking is thick in this reading!

“Why then have you planned such a thing against the people of God? For in giving this decision the king convicts himself, inasmuch as the king does not bring the banished one home again.”

David shows his discernment and then his lack of discernment, absolving himself of the responsibility of resolution and restoration.

We need to look to the LORD and not to a man!

David is fracturing, showing big cracks in his character – Just as we all do.

But the LORD. It is HE who works salvation, bringing the banished home, drawing close the outcast.

As the woman says to David,

“But God will not take away life, and he devises means so that the banished one will not remain an outcast.”

Hallelujah for God’s redemption in Him the Son, Jesus!

More Jesus. Less us.

* Father God,

Thank You for You the Son, redeeming us, Your bringing the banished home and drawing close the outcast.

Praise You for Your restoration of a people once far off!

Please help us to turn to You today when trouble and turmoil come.


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