August 27, Reading 1 – 2 Samuel 10, 11


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SAA Notes

These chapters record the terrible turning point in David’s history. David begins not to accompany the army on the missions he sends it. Jesus leads always from the front. He came to us, and in Revelation 19, He rides in front on the white horse. The differences between the two are telling.

SJA Notes

“But the thing that David had done displeased the LORD.”

This is why Jesus needed to come to earth, God the Son incarnate, becoming man.

Because even a man after God’s own heart is a sinner.

Look at David’s actions. He stops going out to war, as a king should. He restst through the day on his couch. He looks on a naked woman and doesn’t look away.

In this, David is faith LESS.

And as is so often the case, faithlessness is contrasted with faithFULLness – Look at Uriah! He would not entertain going home while the army was in the open field. Even when David got him drunk, Uriah had the strength of personal discipline to stay steady on the course set before him (Israel was at war).

We know that Uriah was one of David’s Thirty (2 Samuel 23). He must have been a fearsome warrior and battle-hardened veteran to reach that status.

This was not a weak man, as is seen from both this Thirty status, but also his actions throughout David’s outworking of his own guilt.

Uriah is an example to us of faithfulness.

David here, in this passage, is an example to us of faithLESSness.

Both examples point us to Jesus. Our need for a righteous Saviour, one who will _always_ do what is right and true.

That is what we have in our Lord and King, God the Son, the lamb of God, slain from before the foundation of the world – Jesus!

* God Above,

We read here of David’s folly, his bad decision-making, choosing lusts of the flesh over obedience to Your will, seeking Your face and doing what You tell us.

As well, we read of Uriah, this man who remained faithful even under duress.

Lord God, please help us today to walk obediently under Your will, to be Your people in spirit and in truth.

Thank You for Jesus, our righteous King who shows us, and commands us, how to live.


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