August 28, Reading 3 – Romans 16


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SAA Notes

Look at these salutations. Many are wonderful and heartwarming – whom I love in the Lord; my dear friend; tested and approved in Christ! Do you talk about others in your congregation like this?

SJA Notes

Lists of names are important throughout God’s word. We see them in the old and the new testaments.

One thing they remind us of, and point us to, is the most important list in the Lamb’s book of life – And what a wonderful grace and mercy list that is!

But too, we see here in Paul’s list of names the pattern we are to undertake in our prayer life.

Paul has these lists because he prays for the people. They are people that he has come across through his ministry, his life, but they are not all in his immediate life right now.

Even if our memories are not the best, prayer is the antidote to help us remember. Lists in whatever form, they help us to bring people to the Lord.

Let’s be encouraged in our prayer life by this and all the lists of names, of people, in the Bible.

* Gracious Saviour,

Thank You that You have called us from darkness into light, that You have saved us from hell into heaven, that You have remade our dead hearts alive.

Thank You for placing our names in the Lamb’s book of life, before the world was made!

Thank You Lord God, what a loving God You are!


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