July 4, Reading 2 – Isaiah 14


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SAA Notes

Compassion is a major characteristic of God and so of believers. Israel had to go through suffering, turmoil and cruel bondage. God’s promised word was to sustain them as us in such times of almost unbelievable cruelty and hardship.

SJA Notes

* Faithful God, please show us what You want us to know today.

“For the LORD of hosts has purposes, and who will annul it? His hand is stretched out, and who will turn it back?”

It is not too confronting to think of God’s sovereignty in terms of GOOD THINGS. Our names written in the book of life, our salvation and rescue through Jesus, our inheritance in glory.

But here in Isaiah we are pointed to the other side of the coin of God’s sovereignty.

Judgement. Destruction. Wrath.

We read,

“His hand is stretched out, and who will turn it back?”

This is a coin-truth, two very important truths flip-sided.

And how much impetus it gives us to point people to Jesus!

Because of BLESSING. But too, because of CURSE.

This is the good word, the gospel, the message of wonder and hope – Escape God’s wrath in Jesus! Find rest and rescue, home and hearth in Him!

We need a healthy balance of both sides in our thinking, our words, and our actions.

* Almighty God,

Thank You that Your word reminds us of Your sovereignty. To save and to judge.

Please save our loved ones Lord God. Please call them and may they answer!

Please save those around us, please rescue sinners from Your judgement!


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