June 21, Reading 1 – Joshua 2


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SAA Notes

Whatever else Rahab is she is a woman of great faith. She hears what God is doing with Israel. She believes and entrusts herself and her family to Him. She is especially mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy of the heirs of Abraham. (see Matt.1) Faith like hers will always bring family blessing.

SJA Notes

We’ve been working through James at church, and he’s is pretty clear in ch 5 v12 about making oaths.

Here we have an oath made by the faithful spies to Rahab.

We know that God saved Rahab when Jericho fell (that’s coming). We know that she became part of the line that leads to David, and through to Jesus.

We know that God works through our brokenness. Rahab did lie. And God is a God of truth. Rahab is not commended for her lying or for her life before this. Rahab believes (v11)!

What’s interesting about the oath the men made is that it was on their lives (v14). And it’s a pretty decent thread in this chapter. v18-21 are devoted to the blessing and the curse wrapped up in the oath. IF THEN.

We see God at work saving non-Israelites into His kingdom, His people. We see God at work putting fear into the hearts of His enemies (the melting, mentioned a couple of times). We see God at work encouraging His people (v24).

It’s good to be reminded to trust that God is at work, even when our eyes are blinded by the little details, when our minds can’t get past certain things.

Isaiah 55 v9 is a wonderful truth to hold onto and wrestle with day by day, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

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