June 19, Reading 1 – Deuteronomy 34


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SAA Notes

The parallel passages to read beside this short chapter are the Gospel accounts of the Transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount when Elijah and Moses came to talk with Him about His coming exodus, His death. Moses, by God’s grace, did have a more wonderful entry into the Promised Land than he could ever have dreamed of.

SJA Notes

We have today in this reading such a wonderful testament to Moses, prophet of the Lord!

And yet as we see throughout God’s word, there is a deeper pointer here to a greater prophet, our Lord Jesus.

Verses 10-12 say,

“And there has not arisen a prophet since in Israel like Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face, none like him for all the signs and the wonders that the LORD sent him to do in the land of Egypt, to Pharaoh and to all his servants and to all his land, and for all the mighty power and all the great deeds of terror that Moses did in the sight of all Israel.”

This is a clear pointer to Jesus, the one who Moses (imperfectly, as with all and any of God’s people pointing people to Jesus) “typed”.

A prophet like no other. One who the Lord knew face to face. Signs. Wonders. Rescuing God’s people. Mighty power. Great deeds of terror/fear.

These are true of Moses, but they are immeasurably more true of Jesus.

He brought truth, spoke truth, He prophesied the truth.

He, one person of the three-person God, the Son, knew God intimately.

And we read again and again throughout the gospels of the signs and wonders He did, His mighty power, His great deeds.

His deeds brought about a fear of God, a reverent and holy fear (which is what happened too with the plagues, there were Egyptians who believed), as well as a fear generated in the leaders of Israel for the power they were seeing wash away in the power of the good news of the Christ.

Jesus rescued God’s people! What else to point to as a fearful and terrible deed as we see in the cross. God at His own expense saving His people, the sacrifice of a perfect lamb, one without fault or blemish, made curse and rejected by the Father, slain from before the foundation of the world – All to rescue us!

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* Gracious Father God,

Thank You for Moses, that you spoke with face to face, who points us to Jesus.

Thank You that through Jesus we can speak with You face to face, because we meet with You, You dwell with us, Your Spirit in us as little tabernacles – Thank You Lord!

Father, Son and Spirit – We bring You thanks.


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