June 20, Reading 3 – Luke 19:29-48


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SAA Notes

Jewish Christian Alfred Edersheim tells us that this crowd had just sung Psalm 24 as they finished morning worship in the Temple and poured out to greet Jesus. Read that psalm and reflect on both passages.

SJA Notes

* Dear God, thank You for today, and for Your word to us. Please shape us as You see fit.

“… For all the people were hanging on his words.”

What a wonderful joyful reality we read here! That all the people were wholeheartedly taking in the words of the Master.

And what an exhortation and encouragement it is to us – To hang off the words of our Lord, the King Jesus; Messiah!

Deeper still, as He is God’s word become flesh, we are to be a people that longs for His word as if it were our lifeblood (because it is ou8r spiritual life and health).

Praise god for His word!

Hallelujah, what a Lord and Saviour we have!

* Gracious God,

Thank You for Your word.

Thank You for Jesus, our King, through whom we can know You.

Please help us each day to hang off Your words. To consider them, to wrestle with them, to engage with them and implement them in our lives. To walk in obedience and trust.

Help us Lord to trust and obey.


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