May 5, Reading 1 – Numbers 16:1-40


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SAA Notes

A party spirit is a most insidious and dangerous cancer in the Church. Korah, Dathan and Abiram form and lead a large antiMoses party. They use a good doctrine (the priesthood of all believers) to attack Church leaders out of motives of jealousy, ambition and pride. How should we handle such a spirit in our churches?

SJA Notes

This is a very sad story.

“Moreover, you have not brought us into a land flowing with milk and honey, nor given us inheritance of fields and vineyards.”

This is a clear summary of everything wrong in this situation.

It cannot have been very long since the people were soundly defeated by the Amalekites. And that was immediately following their stubbornness in the face of God making it clear they should _not_ go up and make war. And that was immediately following their refusal to go into the land flowing with milk and honey in the first place.

These were the leaders who wanted to stone Joshua and Caleb for calling them out for not wanting to enter the land – These were the men whose courage was lacking, who chose to listen to their fear instead of trusting in the Lord.

And here we find them complaining that Moses was the reason they were not in the promised land!

There is nothing of obedience in their action, no humility in their speech.

These people spurn the Lord’s order, and his servants Moses and Aaron.

They didn’t want fairness or justice or God’s will to be done. They wanted power. They were jealous of Moses and Aaron, they coveted positions God had given to others.

And the earth ate them up.

Korah’s rebellion is not far from our own, from the rebellion of all mankind. We are jealous of God’s headship, and so we seek to take it for our own. But when we take it we have no ability to acquit ourselves wisely. We are broken, fallen, petty and covetous.

We can be ever-thankful for Jesus, who did as Moses did but in an everlasting and fuller way – That He is interceding for us “the congregation”. He bore the wrath of God so that we could escape it. Moses couldn’t bear the wrath of God. Korah couldn’t. But Jesus could and did.

Praise God who rescues us from our rebellion!

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for rescuing us, even in the midst of our rebellion against You!

Thank You for this passage, please open the eyes and ears of our hearts to hear what You want each of us to know today.

Please help us to walk humbly under Your will for us today.


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