April 4, Reading 2 – Psalm 112, 113, 114


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SAA Notes

Think of a man who has just had his girlfriend say “Yes” to his proposal of marriage. You can’t shut him up about how wonderful this girl is. The writers of these psalms have found God wonderful. Look for one thing to meditate on.

SJA Notes

“Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who greatly delights in his commandments!”

Here is a psalm such as we have been seeing throughout, a psalm that points us to Jesus.

Jesus, God in the person of the Son, greatly delighted in His Father’s commandments.

His righteousness endures forever.

He is gracious, merciful and righteous.

He is remembered forever, and His heart was and is firm, trusting in His Father.

And so this psalm is a great exhortation to us, God’s people!

Because IN JESUS we can delight in the Lord’s commandments.

IN JESUS we can be full of grace and mercy.

IN JESUS we have the righteousness of God as our own.

IN JESUS we can never be moved, because He is our rock, our defender, our foundation stone.

IN JESUS we are remembered forever. Not in any way the world considers important, but in the eyes of God Almighty. Our names were written by God in the book of life since _before the foundation of the world_!

IN JESUS we join with Him in victory over sin and death, and we will stand with Him on that final day (with Him, IN His righteousness) as His enemies are made a footstool with terrible finality.

* Great Almighty God,

Blessed is the person that fears You – May we delight greatly in Your commands today Lord and onwards!

May Your word be written on our hearts, planted deep and grown by You, that we would be good soil and bear much fruit!


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