April 12, Reading 2 – Psalm 120, 121, 122, 123


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SAA Notes

These are songs sung as a pilgrim climbed up the road to Jerusalem. Psalm 121 has long been loved as a parting song or poem when family and friends leave for distant parts – The Travellers Psalm. Psalm 122 reminds us that prayer follows worship, as hand follows heart. The answer to prayerlessness lies in worship!

SJA Notes

“He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber.”

These “Ascents” psalms were sung by pilgrims climbing the road to Jerusalem.

As God’s people walked upwards to the earthly city of God, Jerusalem Below, they brought these prayers before Him.

And how much is this a reflection for us, a pattern that we are to follow, every day!

Because we – pilgrims in this life, sojourners in this place – are walking a narrow road toward the gates of glory, towards the promise of God’s city, the New City, Jerusalem Above. We walk towards a new heavens and a new earth, where God will dwell with us – Him our God, we His people.

These are prayers for us. Each day.

Bring to the Lord our troubles with people are us, those who bring us violence and harm, ridicule and derision.

Bring to the Lord our clinging words of hope in Him. Keep talking to Him of the hope He gives, the promises He makes (He is not weakened by us doing this).

Bring to the Lord our prayers for His kingdom, for His people. Long to see His kingdom come.

Bring to the Lord our petitions and requests, for His mercy (not getting what we do deserve) and His grace (getting what we do not deserve).

And bring to the Lord praise, over and again, for His word! He has given it to us!

* Lord God Above,

As we walk this narrow road to glory, please watch over our steps, as we are beset at all turns by the world, by trial and turmoil, by violence and hate and evil.

Thank You that You give us the way out from underneath temptation, that You protect us from all evil, that You have given and won us an inheritance that can never be taken from us.

Thank You for the hope of glory we have. Life, eternal life, to the full!


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