March 28, Reading 3 – Acts 27:27-28:10


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SAA Notes

Paul was shipwrecked three times, but wrote about only this one time. What do you learn in this account of how faith has moulded Paul? Doctrine is just the clear knowledge of God. What doctrines would produce such peace?

SJA Notes

It’s very interesting to hear what the author makes special mention of here in this passage.

One place is:

“… And giving thanks to God in the presence of all he broke it [the bread] and began to eat.”


We are pointed to this important fact – Paul made no bones about his faith. He exercised his belief at every point, and took the opportunity here in the presence of all to reflect on the reality of God’s sovereign grace to us all. To give thanks for the food they were about to eat.

Let’s be encouraged to take the opportunity, in whatever situation we are in, to point to Jesus, the reality of His reign and rule over our lives.

* Gracious God,

Thank You for Jesus.

Thank You for this day.

Thank You for the bread we break.

Please help us to be clear and bold in our witness to You, in whatever situation we are in, in whatever group of people surrounds us.


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