March 20, Reading 3 – Acts 22:1-21


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Paul gives his testimony of how Jesus won his love and faith, and commissioned him. It is a good exercise to work out a statement of about three to five minutes length on how Jesus won your love and faith, and what He has commissioned you to do.

SJA Notes

Paul makes no bones about his involvement in the death of Stephen.

Stephen who sank to his knees and down further as the rocks and stones violently tore his earthly life from him – He prayed for the forgiveness of those who did were involved in this terrible act.

And Jesus called Paul!

How wonderful this is, good out of consummate evil. Benefit out of loss. Blessing out of curse.

This is how God continues to work, across all the years, through all the events that mark our lives (big and small and in-between).

Praise God for His mercy to us, His steadfast love that wraps us up, His sovereign will that we submit under, His voice that calls us.

* Father God,

Please call our loved ones, our friends and family, that are outside of the camp!

Call them, hound them, bring them in!

And may we be ever-clear witnesses to Your grace, reflecting Your light to those around us.


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